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The Crafter's Cavern

COVID-19: As a family-run business, The Crafter's Cavern is fully operational. Stay safe and Happy Pixelling!

Welcome to the Jungle

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By the Sea

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Pixelhobby is a very addictive craft where truely anything can be created in to a stunning show piece...


We stock a variety of pre-packaged kits ranging from:

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Pixelhobby is a new way to make unique mosaic pictures.

Pictures are created using small squares called pixels which are about 2mm square by placing them onto a hard clear plastic baseplate.



Larger sized XL pixels (about 5mm square) with a wide range  of kits will be available soon. Ideal for smaller fingers.



If you fancy being more adventurous - with the help of some graph paper and your imagination, the possibilities are limitless. Baseplates, keyrings and individual pixelsquares from the full range can be purchased by themselves.


Helpful accessories such as tweezers and storage tins are also available.

starter kits single baseplate kits 4 baseplate kits 9 baseplate kits baseplates & accessories Square


If you have a favourite digital photograph or image - we can convert it into a  pre-packaged kit to match your requirements and budget.


Just simply click on the email link below and attach your image (high resolution is best - approx 2MB) and we will prepare some proofs and offers for you to consider.

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Emily Beale:

"we discovered pixelhobby ... and we can't stop

playing with them..."

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