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The Crafter's Cavern

COVID-19: As a family-run business, The Crafter's Cavern is fully operational. Stay safe and Happy Pixelling!

Welcome to the Jungle

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By the Sea

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Decopatch is an art of transformation that can be completed by anyone of any age. Only 4 products are needed to get you underway...


We stock a variety of pre-packaged kits - each include a paper mache item, paper, glue and a brush:

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If you already have a special item or project in mind - we can provide a superb variety of papers from the decopatch range in full, half and quarter sheets.  Additionally this is complimented with 1st edition papers from the decomache range.


Brushes and glues can also be purchased separately.

decopatch kits papers Square glues & brushes

We provide some larger paper mache products separately including individual letters. Ideal for creating a bespoke kit such as a child's name or a themed message like L O V E.


Square paper mache items Square

Anything and everything can be transformed with decopatch.


We stock over 45 different papers to get your imagination bubbling.

Papers can be applied to almost any product from a small paper mache animal to an old chair for upcycling using special decopatch glues.